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Article published on Aug 1, 2006

Low Platelet Count Can Cause Serious Bleeding

We were traveling through the Maritimes recently when our four-year-old son got sick. He developed a red rash over his body. Within two days, the rash spread to his arms and legs, and he started getting bruises everywhere. Otherwise he was not sick, and continued to be very active. We went to an emergency room... Read More

Article published on Feb 5, 2002

Congenital Spherocytosis Can Cause Severe Anaemia And Jaundice In Newborns

My sister’s two children have congenital spherocytosis diagnosed right after they were born. There are quite a few relatives on my side of the family who have had their spleens removed, most likely due to the same medical condition. My wife is now pregnant with our first child. I am really scared that our baby... Read More