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Article published on Mar 31, 2020

Congenital CMV Infection Can Lead To Hearing Loss In Young Children

Our three-year-old daughter was completely well until a year ago. She was a happy and talkative girl. Over a period of several weeks, we noticed that she didn’t respond when we spoke to her, although she still reacted to our dog’s barking. We finally took her to our doctor, and was referred to an audiologist.... Read More

Article published on Jun 9, 2009

Prolonged Exposure To Loud noise Can Cause Hearing Loss

I am concerned about our 16-year-old son. He loves music. Everywhere he goes, he always has the headphone connected to his iPod. If he is in his room, his hi-fi would be in full blast. He is also in a rock band, and they jam every weekend. Lately I have noticed that he keeps asking... Read More

Article published on Oct 14, 2003

Severe Speech Delay Requires Urgent Investigation

In our circle of friends and relatives, there is a three-year-old child who hasn’t started to talk yet. This child does not say da-da, ma-ma, or no-no, which are usually some of the first words. The child will cry, yell, or make complaining sounds. Is it too soon to be worried that this child may... Read More

Article published on Dec 10, 2002

It Is Important To Have Universal Hearing Screening For All Newborns

My son passed a hearing screening test shortly after he was born. The device that was used made a sound and he seemed to startle. Later, when I was concerned that he didn’t seem to respond much to sound, I was told that babies’ hearing cannot be tested before six months of age. My son... Read More