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Article published on Apr 25, 2017

Teenager Needs Vaccination, Including Measles

Our seventeen-year-old son is going to university in Nova Scotia this fall. When he was young, I heard that measles vaccine could cause autism in children. I was really scared, and didn’t allow him to receive the second dose of MMR vaccine. He didn’t get most vaccines afterwards because I was worried about the idea... Read More

Article published on Feb 25, 2014

HPV Vaccines Are Indicated For Both Boys And Girls

My younger son is in grade 6. He brought home a permission form about HPV vaccine for boys. I am reluctant to sign it. Several years ago, his older sister did receive this vaccine, which I understood is important to protect her from cervical cancer. I don't understand why they have to give it to... Read More

Article published on Jan 18, 2011

Boys Should Get HPV Vaccine Also

I have a sixteen-year-old son. He just started dating a girl at his school. He is not sexually active as yet, but I am worried. Our younger daughter received the HPV vaccine last year at school, but they are not giving it to boys. From what I have read, this virus can infect both boys... Read More

Article published on Sep 25, 2007

It Is Important To Get HPV Vaccine

Our daughter is in grade 6. She brought home a consent form from school about this new HPV vaccine. I am concerned about her receiving it at this age. I read that this vaccine is used to protect women from a virus infection that causes cervical cancer. It is hard for us to get our... Read More