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Article published on Apr 19, 2000

Many Children With ADHD Continues Into Adults With ADHD

Six months ago, our ten-year-old son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). At the beginning, we were reluctant to give him medication. After a few weeks of treatment, we couldn’t believe in his improvement. Instead of arguing constantly, he has become much more polite, and received the honour of “most improved student” in his... Read More

Article published on Jan 27, 1999

Children Who Have Difficulty Paying Attention Can Have ADHD

Our son is twelve years old. Since he started grade 1, we have heard the comments “can’t keep his mind on the task at hand,” “slow,” “daydreamer,” “doodler,” “just can’t seem to get his work done,” “can’t concentrate.” When he was younger, he was often disruptive during class. We live on a farm, and he... Read More

Article published on Dec 3, 1997

Children With Difficulty Paying Attention Need Assessment

I am really confused. Our daughter is in grade 5 this year. She has done well in school all along until now. This year, her marks have dropped, and she has lost interest in school. Her previous teachers had told us that she had difficulty paying attention. Homework was never easy, although we managed. This... Read More