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Article published on Jun 24, 2003

Children Can Get Whooping Cough From Adults

Our teenage son was sick with a bad cough for almost two months. His cough was so severe that he would lose his breath, his whole face turned beef-red, and he would vomit mucus from time to time. As a result, he missed several weeks of school. We took him to our doctor and to... Read More

Article published on Jan 2, 2001

It Is Important To Test And Treat Whooping Cough Early

My brother and his family live next door. Their two children have asthma and they cough almost daily. Lately their cough is just wicked. Yesterday their doctor suspected they have whooping cough, and sent them for tests. These children play with our boys every day after school. Our two boys have just started coughing, although... Read More

Article published on Sep 9, 1998

There Is A New Acellular Whooping Cough Vaccine

When our older son was two months old, he had severe reaction to his first vaccine with screaming and high fever. Our doctor felt that it was because of the whooping cough vaccine, and told us not give him any more of this vaccine. He did not react to other vaccines since, and he is... Read More