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Article published on Apr 26, 2016

Over-Diagnosis Of Asthma

I just heard in the news that asthma is being over-diagnosed, and unnecessary treatment can be harmful. I am really scared. Our four-year-old son was diagnosed with asthma. He was constantly sick with colds, always congested in his nose and his chest; he coughs when he runs. Sometimes, he gets out of breath and has... Read More

Article published on Jan 8, 2008

Severe Asthma Attack Can Be Caused By Multiple Triggers

Our ten-year-old son was admitted to the hospital several weeks ago. The night before he got sick, he had a sleep-over at a friendʼs house. The next morning he called me, and I could tell that he had trouble speaking. When I arrived to pick him up, he had difficulty breathing and he could hardly... Read More

Article published on Aug 19, 2003

Adults With Asthma Have Same Triggers As Children

I was diagnosed with asthma many years ago. I don’t get asthma attack, and I use a blue puffer from time to time, only when I find it hard to breathe, or when I get a cold and a lot of cough. I am generally healthy and hardly see my family doctor. In the last... Read More