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Article published on Jun 25, 2019

All Newborn Babies Need Vitamin K Injection

I am six-months-pregnant with our first baby. My girlfriend got pregnant about the same time. We went to a prenatal class last week, the nurse told us how we can take care of ourselves, and things that we should anticipate during and after delivery. Afterwards, my girlfriend said that she won’t give vitamin K to... Read More

Article published on Aug 26, 2014

UV Radiation, Sunscreen And Vitamin D

My husband came from Africa and has very dark skin. We have a six-month-old son; his skin is not as dark as his father. I have very fair skin and burn easily when I stay under the sun for any length of time. I have been using sunscreen all my life. I wonder what we... Read More

Article published on Mar 25, 2008

Supplement Your Baby With Vitamin D While You Are Breastfeeding

I am the mother of three lovely children. When our third child was born six weeks ago, our family doctor told me that I should give him Vitamin D everyday because I am breastfeeding him. I have breastfed our two older children, but I never gave them any Vitamin D, and they are perfectly fine.... Read More

Article published on Jun 26, 2007

Breastfeeding Is Very Important For Newborn Babies

I am expecting our second baby in another month. I was able to nurse our son for six months, but it wasn’t easy at all. He had a very strong suck, and I had cracked nipples and a lot of pain. My sister put her daughter on the bottle right after birth, and she slept... Read More

Article published on Mar 29, 2005

Family Can Help And Support Breastfeeding Mother

I will be a first time grandmother very soon. Our daughter is expecting her first child next month. Last week, she told me that she has decided to breast-feed her baby. This should not bother me, but it does. I did not nurse her or our other children. In those years, none of my friends... Read More