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Article published on Oct 27, 2020

There Is Help For Adults With ADHD

I was diagnosed with ADD by a paediatrician when I was a kid in 1990s. She warned my parents that if I was not treated with medicine, it would affect my learning and harm my future. At that time, there was not much information available. My parents decided to stop my Ritalin, which was actually... Read More

Article published on Jan 29, 2019

There Is No One Best Medicine For ADHD

What is your number one recommended ADHD medication? Our son was diagnosed with ADHD. His doctor started him on Biphentin; it made him irritable and affected his sleep. He is now on Vyvanse. I want to give him a medicine that works. I don’t like trying one medicine after another. Read More

Article published on Mar 22, 2011

Energy Drinks Are Not Healthy For Teenagers

I am concerned about our teenage son. He has gotten into the habit of drinking at least two cans of energy drink a day. He drinks his first one on the way to school, and then another one in the evening. He says that they give him a boost of energy when he is tired.... Read More