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Article published on May 26, 2020

Useful Strategies For Families With ADHD During Covid-19 Pandemic

I am having a tough time in the last few weeks, being stuck at home with our two children because of the pandemic. Don’t get me wrong, I love them dearly; but it is hard to deal with them all day, doing home-schooling and keeping up with my work. Our younger son is in grade... Read More

Article published on Dec 24, 2018

Parents Should Encourage Exercise And Limit Screen Time

I am dreading about this coming Christmas and winter. Our ten- and twelve-year-old children are asking for all sorts of electronics and videogames. Our older son used to love hockey, but he stopped playing this year, because he doesn’t like checking. Our daughter used to love dancing, but stopped after she injured her ankle. Our... Read More

Article published on Aug 25, 2015

Importance Of Exercise

We have a nine-year-old daughter and an eleven-year-old son. Our son is addicted to video games. If we allow him, he can play it non-stop and forget to eat or sleep. Our daughter is catching up on this quickly. I know exercise is important for children, but I don’t know how to motivate him. He... Read More

Article published on May 25, 2004

It Is Not Healthy To Be Too Skinny Or To Be Overweight Or Obese

We have two lovely children. Our 14-year-old daughter is a healthy teenager. She is active and fit. But in the last six months, she is saying that she is fat and tries to lose weight. We have seen her skipping breakfast and sometimes even lunch. She would walk our dog for one to two hours... Read More