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Article published on Jan 25, 2022

It Is Important To Get Vaccinated To Protect Everyone

I am scared, and not sure what to do. At the beginning of the pandemic, both of us lost our job; we stayed home with our children. My husband did get two doses of Covid-19 vaccine recently, otherwise he would lose his job. I have been able to work from home, and there was little... Read More

Article published on Aug 31, 2021

Vaccination And Precautions Are Essential Against Delta Variant Of Covid-19

Our eight-month-old daughter was born two months early. She was on a ventilator for two weeks. We are lucky that she didn’t have any serious complication. She is doing well now, bringing so much joy to our family. I was terrified of contracting Covid-19 during pregnancy. We are glad that we got our second dose... Read More

Article published on Jan 26, 2021

Covid-19 Pandemic Vaccines Are Safe And Effective, We Should All Get It

I am a front-line healthcare worker. I should be getting the Covid-19 vaccine very soon. However, I am not sure that I want to be vaccinated. This vaccine was approved only months after the pandemic started. From what I have read, there are still a lot of unknowns. Some of my friends have sent me... Read More

Article published on May 26, 2020

Useful Strategies For Families With ADHD During Covid-19 Pandemic

I am having a tough time in the last few weeks, being stuck at home with our two children because of the pandemic. Don’t get me wrong, I love them dearly; but it is hard to deal with them all day, doing home-schooling and keeping up with my work. Our younger son is in grade... Read More