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Article published on Feb 27, 2024

Drug Screening For Those On ADHD Medication Can Cause Anxiety

Our daughter was diagnosed with ADHD when she was in grade 6. Her teacher noticed that she was daydreaming a lot, and she struggled to complete homework. She was assessed by a psychologist, and was diagnosed with ADHD. Our family doctor started her on Vyvanse, with remarkable results. She could pay good attention in class,... Read More

Article published on Sep 26, 2023

There Is No Best Medicine For ADHD, Use Long-Acting Medications

Our ten-year-old son was recently diagnosed with ADHD. His teachers started raising concerns almost on day one. He has to be the first in lineups; this led to many conflicts with his classmates. In class, he constantly interrupts the teacher, talks to friends, and makes jokes. However, when he was asked questions, he could give... Read More

Article published on Jan 29, 2019

There Is No One Best Medicine For ADHD

What is your number one recommended ADHD medication? Our son was diagnosed with ADHD. His doctor started him on Biphentin; it made him irritable and affected his sleep. He is now on Vyvanse. I want to give him a medicine that works. I don’t like trying one medicine after another. Read More