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Article published on Mar 31, 2009

Tourette Syndrome Needs Careful Management

Our ten-year-old son has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. He is very hyperactive and impulsive, he disrupts the classroom all the time. He has great deal of difficulty paying attention in class and getting his work done. Homework is a nightmare for him and for us. We have tried very hard every night to get him... Read More

Article published on Sep 11, 2001

Children With Tourette Syndrome Require Treatment

Our ten-year-old son has always been very active. School has never been easy for him, and he finally failed last year. His teachers since grade one have made comments about him not being able to pay attention in class and being disruptive. In the last two years, we have noticed some blinking and twitching of... Read More

Article published on Oct 6, 1999

Tourette Syndrome Is A Complex Medical Problem, With Many Co-Morbidities

Q. Our eleven-year-old son was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder when he was five. He has been taking Ritalin since grade 2, and this has helped him greatly in paying attention and learning. He always has a strong temper. But in the last two years, his behaviour has become a lot worse. He flies... Read More