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Article published on Jul 28, 2015

Acetaminophen Overdose

Our family is full of allergies. We all have sinus problems and headaches. Naturally, we take Tylenol when the headache gets worse, and pills for colds and sinus when we are miserable with sinus congestion. I recently heard that Health Canada is warning about tylenol overdose. I never realize that a common medicine like tylenol... Read More

Article published on Mar 22, 2000

Stress And Lack Of Sleep Are Common Triggers For Migraine Headache

Our seven-year-old daughter has been having headaches for about two years. At the beginning, the headaches would come every few months. However, in the last two months, she has had four headaches already. Every time she would get sick and vomit, and then go to sleep for a while. When she gets up, she is... Read More

Article published on Jul 16, 1997

Children Can Catch The Virus From Shingles, Although This Is Uncommon

I hope you don’t mind answering this question. I am a grandfather. Recently I had a rather painful rash on my back. My family doctor said that it was shingles. When my daughter heard it, she would not let her children visit me, saying that I may give them the germs. Is this possible? Read More