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Article published on Aug 29, 2006

Kawasaki Disease Can Have Serious Complications

Our three-year-old daughter was very sick recently. She developed a high fever, an enlarged lymph gland in her neck, and a rash on the body. She was admitted to the hospital and was given IV antibiotics. Instead of improving, she gradually got worse and continued to spike high fever. After several days in the hospital,... Read More

Article published on Feb 24, 1999

All Children Should Get Chickenpox Vaccine

I am an elementary school teacher. I was told by my mother that I have never had chickenpox. I have a one-year-old daughter and she didn’t have chickenpox yet. I was told that if I get chickenpox now as an adult, I can get really sick. Recently I heard the chickenpox vaccine has been licensed... Read More

Article published on Jul 16, 1997

Children Can Catch The Virus From Shingles, Although This Is Uncommon

I hope you don’t mind answering this question. I am a grandfather. Recently I had a rather painful rash on my back. My family doctor said that it was shingles. When my daughter heard it, she would not let her children visit me, saying that I may give them the germs. Is this possible? Read More