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Article published on Apr 24, 2018

Spring Allergy And Asthma

Every spring, my teenage daughter and I have bad allergies. Both of us have itchy eyes, and get very congested in the nose; we sneeze constantly. We cannot do any jogging or running outside without getting out of breath or have a bad cough. We have tried Benadryl, but it makes us tired, and only... Read More

Article published on Sep 30, 2014

Allergy And Sinusitis Can Have Serious Complications

Our six-year-old son was recently admitted to the hospital with a bad infection around his right eye; his eyelids were swollen and he couldn’t open his eye. He was treated with several days of IV antibiotics before he started to improve. Our doctor told us that the infection started from his sinuses. All of us... Read More

Article published on May 17, 2000

Blowing Your Nose Is Not The Main Cause Of Sinus Infection

I get sinus infection very easily. My doctor told me that I have allergies. As you may expect, I blow my nose like a trooper. Lately, I heard that blowing the nose can lead to sinus infection. Is this true? What else can I do when my nose is all clogged up and so uncomfortable? Read More

Article published on Jun 17, 1998

Allergy Can Cause Recurrent Sinus Infections

Our nine-year-old son has a lot of headache, stuffed-up nose, and coughs all the time. He was treated several times last year for sinus infections, but he never got completely well. I wonder whether these can be caused by allergies. I have severe spring allergies myself with sneezing, itchy eyes and cough, and allergies run... Read More