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Article published on Sep 25, 2018

Treatment Of Scabies Needs To Be Thorough

We have been looking after my aging parents. They live in the granny suite next to our home, and we have dinner together every night. My mother has an itchy rash on her hands for over a month. I finally got an appointment to see her family doctor yesterday. After examination, he said that my... Read More

Article published on Nov 29, 2016

Head Lice

Our ten-year-old daughter’s best friend was recently diagnosed with head lice. They have sleepovers almost every weekend at each other’s home. I checked our daughter and found some nits that resembled the pictures on internet. She has no symptom at all. I wonder whether I should treat her. I didn’t tell her teacher yet. We... Read More

Article published on Jun 30, 2015

Lyme Disease

I have heard that Lyme disease is becoming more common in Canada, especially in the Maritimes where we live. Every summer, our family spends several weeks in the woods; we enjoy it very much. I am worried about this Lyme disease, after hearing some horrible stories in the media. I am considering cancelling our camping... Read More

Article published on Nov 4, 2008

It Is Not Necessary To Over-Treat Head Lice

Last year, our two daughters had head lice. It was a nightmare for all of us. They were sent home repeatedly by the school nurse because she found nits in their hair. They missed so many days of school that they almost didn’t pass. I am terrified that it may happen again this year. I... Read More