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Article published on Dec 29, 1999

Parental Smoking Can Harm Children With Asthma

My sister has three children with asthma. They are coughing all the time. When they get sick, their cough terrifies me. My sister has refused to give them any asthma medicine unless they are desperately ill. She said that she doesn’t believe in giving her children medicine. On top of this, she and her husband... Read More

Article published on Jun 16, 1999

Children With Severe Asthma Need Prevention Medicine

Our three-year-old son was recently admitted to the hospital again because of a severe attack of asthma. He had a lot of coughing and wheezing in his first year. Our doctor told us that he likely has asthma. We thought he was outgrowing the problem because he had no major attack, although he still needed... Read More

Article published on Nov 4, 1998

Inhaled Steroids And Singulair Can Prevent Asthma

Our daughter is nine years old. She has had bronchitis since she was two. We thought that she didn’t like activities. When she plays with her friends, she always sits down after running for a short time. We recently saw a paediatrician who told us that our daughter has asthma, and the lack of energy... Read More