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Article published on Aug 27, 2019

Clonidine And Guanfacine Are Blood Pressure Medications That Can Help ADHD

Our eight years old daughter has ADHD. She is hyperactive and strong-willed; very excitable, and hard to calm down. She is very smart, and did well in grade 2. Our paediatrician started her on Biphentin several months ago. For the first time, she didn’t disrupt the class. She is more happy with herself, and she... Read More

Article published on Jan 29, 2019

There Is No One Best Medicine For ADHD

What is your number one recommended ADHD medication? Our son was diagnosed with ADHD. His doctor started him on Biphentin; it made him irritable and affected his sleep. He is now on Vyvanse. I want to give him a medicine that works. I don’t like trying one medicine after another. Read More

Article published on Nov 27, 2018

Children With ADHD Need Medicine Every Day

Our nine-year-old daughter has ADHD. Her grade 1 teacher noticed that she couldn’t pay attention, although she didn’t disrupt the classroom. She struggled in grade 2, even though she is very smart. She was finally seen by a paediatrician, and was started on medicine every morning. This has greatly helped her; she is excelling in... Read More

Article published on Mar 27, 2018

Teenagers Drinking Alcohol

We just found out that our daughter was drinking alcohol at a friend’s birthday party. We thought the parents would be there, but they went out for the evening. There was alcohol in the house, and all of them drank. She called us when she felt sick, and we went to pick her up. We... Read More

Article published on Oct 31, 2017

Intuniv XR Can Benefit Children With ADHD

Our eight-year-old daughter has ADHD. She is not physically hyperactive, but she loves to talk. She argues all the time, and she believes she is always right. Her friends call her ‘Miss Right.’ I think we have a budding lawyer. She has been on Vyvanse which helps her to pay attention, and she argues less... Read More