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Article published on Aug 1, 2006

Low Platelet Count Can Cause Serious Bleeding

We were traveling through the Maritimes recently when our four-year-old son got sick. He developed a red rash over his body. Within two days, the rash spread to his arms and legs, and he started getting bruises everywhere. Otherwise he was not sick, and continued to be very active. We went to an emergency room... Read More

Article published on Nov 4, 1998

Inhaled Steroids And Singulair Can Prevent Asthma

Our daughter is nine years old. She has had bronchitis since she was two. We thought that she didn’t like activities. When she plays with her friends, she always sits down after running for a short time. We recently saw a paediatrician who told us that our daughter has asthma, and the lack of energy... Read More

Article published on Jan 29, 1997

Prednisone Is A Very Safe And Effective Medicine When Used Carefully

Our son was recently admitted to the hospital because of an asthmatic attack. Our doctor started him on prednisone as well as inhalers. I heard that prednisone is a steroid and I read someone in England had died because of taking steroids. I am really worried about our son taking this medicine, although his asthma... Read More