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Article published on Oct 31, 2023

ADHD Medications Don’t Cause Addiction

I am thirty-years old. I have had my fair share of drinking and drugs. Fortunately, I have stayed out of jail. I was diagnosed with ADHD in grade 7; I was a class clown, didn’t care about school; it was boring. I saw a paediatrician who prescribed Ritalin and Dexedrine pills. They calmed me down,... Read More

Article published on May 26, 2021

ADHD Medications Can Be Beneficial To Women During Pregnancy

I have two girls, nine and 13 years of age. After my oldest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, I recognized that I have it all my life. I got diagnosed two years ago, and have been taking medicine since. It has changed my life completely: I am doing well at work; home life is much... Read More

Article published on Nov 26, 2019

Girls With ADHD Often Present Differently From Boys

Our daughter is in grade 9. She is a very anxious child since she was small; she worries about going to new places, or meeting new people. She worries about anything and everything. At home, she is happy, busy, and excitable. She had no problem in elementary school, although she did put up a fight... Read More