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Article published on Jun 28, 2016

Cows Milk Protein Allergy

Our baby is almost two-months-old. She was a great nurser since she was born. Around two weeks of age, she developed a rash on both cheeks and on her neck, and she was a bit spitty. The nurse practitioner said that she had lactose-intolerance, and suggested that I give her lactose-free formula instead of breastfeeding.... Read More

Article published on Mar 31, 2015

Infected Eczema

Our two-month-old daughter developed rashes on her cheeks shortly after she was born. In the last few weeks, these rashes have spread to her scalp and her body. We saw little blisters which started oozing yellowish fluid. She has become much more irritable, and she constantly scratches her face. We went to a walk-in clinic;... Read More

Article published on Jul 20, 2010

Cows Milk Protein Allergy Can Be Very Dangerous

Our one-year-old grandson was very sick a few weeks ago. He became very pale, irritable, and stopped playing. He just wanted to be carried around all the time. Then he started vomiting and he was swollen everywhere. Our daughter took him to their family doctor, and he was admitted to the hospital. After a lot... Read More

Article published on Apr 26, 2005

Treatment Of Severe Eczema Can Be Complicated

Our son is fourteen months old. He has had eczema for the past ten months, and it is getting worse instead of getting better. He is covered with these red raised patches from head to toe. In the past week, some of these patches are oozing fluid. He is more irritable and not eating well.... Read More

Article published on Jan 26, 2000

Cows Milk Allergy Can Cause Repeated Spitting And Other Symptoms

Our son is five months old. He was always cranky ever since he was born. I was not able to nurse him, and put him on a cows milk formula. He gained weight well, but he was always very spitty, so much so that I hate to hold him because the smell of his spit... Read More