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Article published on Apr 29, 2014

Don’t Over-Sanitize Your Home

I am pregnant with our first baby. I want to do everything right, and I am terrified of germs. My sister keeps her house extremely clean; she uses Lysol spray on every surface and she cleans the doorknobs many times a day. There is antiseptic soap and hand sanitizers everywhere. In spite of this, her... Read More

Article published on Dec 13, 2005

Things To Consider If You Volunteer At A Hospital

I am a retired school librarian. I am planning to do some volunteer work at our local hospital. I wonder whether there is any precaution that I should take. I love to work with children (as you can imagine, from many years of work in school), I may even go to the paediatric floor to... Read More

Article published on Sep 9, 1998

There Is A New Acellular Whooping Cough Vaccine

When our older son was two months old, he had severe reaction to his first vaccine with screaming and high fever. Our doctor felt that it was because of the whooping cough vaccine, and told us not give him any more of this vaccine. He did not react to other vaccines since, and he is... Read More