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Article published on Sep 28, 2021

Some Antibiotics, Especially Clindamycin, Can Cause Severe Diarrhoea

Almost two months ago, I had all my wisdom teeth removed. After the operation, the dentist gave me a prescription of Clindamycin that I had to take 4 times a day. Within a few days, I developed severe diarrhoea every half an hour, with a lot of belly pain. I finally went to emergency room;... Read More

Article published on Jul 12, 2000

Safety Of Drinking Water Should Be A High Priority

The E. coli outbreak in Walkerton Ontario makes us very nervous. We live in a rural area surrounded by cattle farms. Our well is the only source of drinking water for the entire family. What should we do now? Should we get someone to check our well, and how often should we do this? Or... Read More

Article published on Jan 26, 2000

Cows Milk Allergy Can Cause Repeated Spitting And Other Symptoms

Our son is five months old. He was always cranky ever since he was born. I was not able to nurse him, and put him on a cows milk formula. He gained weight well, but he was always very spitty, so much so that I hate to hold him because the smell of his spit... Read More