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Article published on Dec 24, 2018

Parents Should Encourage Exercise And Limit Screen Time

I am dreading about this coming Christmas and winter. Our ten- and twelve-year-old children are asking for all sorts of electronics and videogames. Our older son used to love hockey, but he stopped playing this year, because he doesn’t like checking. Our daughter used to love dancing, but stopped after she injured her ankle. Our... Read More

Article published on Feb 14, 2012

Be Careful About Buying Extra TV and Smartphone

We have a dilemma. Our eight-year-old son is asking for a television in his bedroom. We are worried that he will watch TV or play videogames when he should be sleeping. He promises us that this will never happen. Our twelve-year- old daughter wants a smartphone because all of her friends have one. We are... Read More

Article published on Feb 13, 2007

There Are Many Reasons For Insomnia

Our sixteen-year-old daughter has trouble sleeping for the past two years. It takes her a long time to fall asleep, and very often she wakes up after sleeping for 20 minutes and lays awake the rest of the night. As a result, she is irritable; she doesn’t want to see her friends and she has... Read More

Article published on Sep 20, 2005

Television In Children’s Bedroom Can Harm Their Learning

I have been an educator for the last 26 years. I have seen many children who struggles everyday to learn in school. Many of them turn out to have a television set in their bedroom. I have always wondered whether there is a relationship between the bedroom TV and these children’s difficulties. Recently I read... Read More