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Article published on May 29, 2018

Side Effect Of Singulair

Our daughter has quite severe asthma. She gets a bad cough whenever her asthma flairs up. She has been treated with puffers. Last fall, our doctor suggested that we should give her a pill called Singulair every day. To our surprise, her asthma got much better after several weeks. Through the winter, I stopped this... Read More

Article published on Apr 24, 2018

Spring Allergy And Asthma

Every spring, my teenage daughter and I have bad allergies. Both of us have itchy eyes, and get very congested in the nose; we sneeze constantly. We cannot do any jogging or running outside without getting out of breath or have a bad cough. We have tried Benadryl, but it makes us tired, and only... Read More

Article published on Oct 25, 2016

Is Steroid Harmful For Children?

Our four-year-old son is always sick; he gets one cold after another. He has a constant running nose even when he is not sick. When he gets a cold, he gets much worse and coughs for weeks. He has been treated with antibiotics, which didn’t help much. Several weeks ago, he coughed so much that... Read More

Article published on Apr 26, 2016

Over-Diagnosis Of Asthma

I just heard in the news that asthma is being over-diagnosed, and unnecessary treatment can be harmful. I am really scared. Our four-year-old son was diagnosed with asthma. He was constantly sick with colds, always congested in his nose and his chest; he coughs when he runs. Sometimes, he gets out of breath and has... Read More

Article published on Oct 27, 2015

Preventing Allergies And Asthma

I am expecting our first baby. My husband and I have allergies and asthma. I know that there is a very good chance that our baby girl will have the same problems. Is there anything that we can do to prevent this from happening? Read More