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Article published on Feb 23, 2021

Maintaining Childhood Immunization Schedule Is Crucial During Pandemic

I am an emergency room nurse. Last week, we had an eight-month-old baby coming in with severe diarrhoea and dehydration. It turned out that her parents didn’t bring her to receive her childhood vaccination, because they were terrified of the pandemic virus. She went to daycare a couple of times and got sick. Her parents... Read More

Article published on Apr 3, 2012

RSV Infection Can Be Very Serious

My best friend’s daughter was just admitted to intensive care unit. She got a bad cold, and has difficulty breathing. I was visiting them a few days earlier with our newborn baby. At the time, this girl was perfectly well, although her older brother had a cold and was coughing. I am very scared now.... Read More

Article published on Jul 12, 2011

Protect Premature Baby From Pertussis And Influenze

Our first grandson was born a couple of weeks ago. He was born almost one month before the due date. Although he is small, he has done very well. He was in the incubator for a few days, and it took him a while to start breast feeding. He should be coming home fairly soon.... Read More

Article published on Jun 24, 2003

Children Can Get Whooping Cough From Adults

Our teenage son was sick with a bad cough for almost two months. His cough was so severe that he would lose his breath, his whole face turned beef-red, and he would vomit mucus from time to time. As a result, he missed several weeks of school. We took him to our doctor and to... Read More