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Article published on Aug 5, 2008

Summer Safety: Bicycle Helmet, Backyard Pool, Sunscreen, And More

I am an emergency room physician. Every summer we see a lot of children coming to the emergency room with different kinds of injuries, many of them I believe can be avoided. I would appreciate if you can remind your readers about the importance of preventing their children from some of these injuries. Read More

Article published on Jul 19, 2005

Precautions To Prevent ATV Accidents

I work in the emergency room. Last week, an eleven-year-old boy was brought to our emergency room with serious injuries following an ATV accident. He was riding the family’s ATV when it flipped over and pinned him underneath. He was lucky that he was able to free himself and went for help. He had a... Read More

Article published on Aug 17, 2004

There Are Dangers With Backyard Trampoline

Our two children, 10- and 12-years-old, have been bugging us to buy a trampoline. They enjoyed it when they visited their friends who have one in their backyard. I am worried about them getting hurt. Can you give us some advice? Read More