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Article published on Feb 4, 2003

Encephalitis Is An Uncommon Complication Of Chickenpox Infection

Several weeks ago, our ten-year-old son had chickenpox. When the blisters started to dry up, he complained of a severe headache that lasted several hours. The next day he went to school, and fell down a flight of stairs. We thought he was just careless. Then he started tripping and falling several times a day.... Read More

Article published on Nov 12, 2002

Shingles Can Happen In Adults, But Can Also Happen In Young Children

Our daughter developed shingles when she was eight-months old. We were very surprised at that time. The rash was on one side of her chest and back. Our doctor told us that it was because my wife had chickenpox when she was pregnant. Two months ago I developed shingles that involved the right side of... Read More