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Article published on Apr 2, 2002

Successful Treatment Of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) With IVIG

Two months ago, our five-year-old son developed a rash after a cold. Our doctor sent him to a paediatrician. Following some blood tests, we were told that his platelets were low. When he started developing bruises on his forehead, the doctors gave him immunoglobulin through an IV. He has since completely recovered. Some of our... Read More

Article published on Dec 29, 1999

Parental Smoking Can Harm Children With Asthma

My sister has three children with asthma. They are coughing all the time. When they get sick, their cough terrifies me. My sister has refused to give them any asthma medicine unless they are desperately ill. She said that she doesn’t believe in giving her children medicine. On top of this, she and her husband... Read More

Article published on Jan 29, 1997

Prednisone Is A Very Safe And Effective Medicine When Used Carefully

Our son was recently admitted to the hospital because of an asthmatic attack. Our doctor started him on prednisone as well as inhalers. I heard that prednisone is a steroid and I read someone in England had died because of taking steroids. I am really worried about our son taking this medicine, although his asthma... Read More