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Article published on Dec 7, 2004

There Are Many Things That You Can Do To Reduce Severity Of Asthma

Our five-year-old son was admitted to the hospital recently. He was coughing a lot and had trouble catching his breath. At the beginning, we didn’t know his condition was that serious. He coughs whenever he runs, and he gets wheezy when he goes to bed. We have to give him the puffers almost every day.... Read More

Article published on Aug 19, 2003

Adults With Asthma Have Same Triggers As Children

I was diagnosed with asthma many years ago. I don’t get asthma attack, and I use a blue puffer from time to time, only when I find it hard to breathe, or when I get a cold and a lot of cough. I am generally healthy and hardly see my family doctor. In the last... Read More