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Article published on Mar 26, 2019

Giving Babies Peanut-Containing Food Early Can Prevent Peanut Allergy

I grew up in a family full of allergies. Both of my parents have hayfever; I have eczema and asthma. My younger brother had severe eczema when he was small. Our parents were told to avoid giving him peanuts and eggs until he was older. When he went to a birthday party at three, he... Read More

Article published on Mar 30, 2004

Cows Milk Allergy Can Cause Eczema

We have recently moved to California. Our daughter is eight months old. I have nursed her since birth. At around two months of age, she developed eczema all over her body. Our paediatrician suggested that I should stop drinking milk and stop eating dairy products. Within a few weeks, her eczema almost completely cleared. Later,... Read More