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Article published on Nov 6, 2001

Daughter With Celiac Disease Need To Stay On Gluten-Free Diet

Our daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease when she was ten-months-old. She did very well for a long time, and complied with the special gluten-free diet. She is a teenager now, and we are having trouble keeping her on this diet. Is there any danger to her health if she cannot stick to it? Read More

Article published on Jun 14, 2000

Sinus Infection Can Cause Enlargement Of Lymph Glands In The Neck

Several weeks ago we found a lump in the neck of our two-year-old son. At that time he had a cold. Our doctor checked him and said that he had sinus infection, and the lump that we found was an enlarged lymph gland. He gave our son an antibiotic. His cold is better now, but... Read More