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Article published on Sep 18, 2012

Lymphadenitis Is Not Cancer

Our five-year-old son was sick recently. He had a fever and several painful swollen glands in his neck. I was worried and looked up his symptoms on the internet. What I read confirmed my worst fear: cancer. I took him to our family doctor, and he immediately consulted a paediatrician. After a lot of questions,... Read More

Article published on Feb 4, 2003

Encephalitis Is An Uncommon Complication Of Chickenpox Infection

Several weeks ago, our ten-year-old son had chickenpox. When the blisters started to dry up, he complained of a severe headache that lasted several hours. The next day he went to school, and fell down a flight of stairs. We thought he was just careless. Then he started tripping and falling several times a day.... Read More