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Article published on Mar 4, 2003

Convulsion In Children Usually Won’t Cause Brain Damage

Our four-year-old daughter has had many convulsions since she was a few months of age. Our paediatrician and neurologist have tried her on several medications. None of them work very well. She continues to have convulsions from time to time. These were mostly very brief, but a few of them were rather long. Sometimes we... Read More

Article published on May 22, 2001

Roseola Can Cause High Fever, Rash, And Febrile Convulsion In Children

My sister and I had our first babies two weeks apart. Both of them are nine months of age. A month ago, her daughter developed high fever followed by a rash. Within two weeks, my son got a high fever and convulsion. Is it possible that their illnesses are somehow related? How come only my... Read More