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Article published on May 29, 2012

Long-Acting ADHD Medications Are Safe And Effective

Both of our children have been diagnosed with ADHD. We know that they have inherited this condition from both of us. I was always a daydreamer, and I hated school. My husband was a class clown; he didn’t do much better in school than me although he is very smart. Like many in his family,... Read More

Article published on Feb 7, 2006

Strattera Can Benefit Children With ADHD

I am an elementary school teacher. Our youngest son is nine years old. Since he started walking, I knew he was hyperactive. Our suspicion was confirmed recently when we saw a paediatrician. He was diagnosed with ADHD. The doctor suggested that we should consider putting him on medicine because he not only has difficulty paying... Read More

Article published on Apr 27, 2004

Long-Acting ADHD Medications Are Very Beneficial For Children And Adults

We are concerned about our seven-year-old son. He is a very smart boy, but he has difficulty learning in school. He is always very active and very busy. When he plays, he would move from one activity to another, with a very short attention span. He gets bored easily and needs us to entertain him... Read More

Article published on Sep 16, 2003

Hyperactive Children May Skip Crawling And Start To Run Early

One of my friend's daughter has a strange problem. She is 7 years old; she basically skipped the crawling stage and started walking very early. She is very intelligent, however, she does not like to sit still for any length of time. In order to keep her attention in studying, the private tutor has to... Read More