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Article published on Jul 28, 2020

Chronic Constipation Needs Daily Treatment For A Long Time

Our teenage son has a serious problem with constipation. It started when he was a young boy. At that time, he was admitted to the hospital; our doctor put a tube into his stomach to instil medicine, and gave him several enemas. It relieved his serious constipation. Over the years, we had tried all sorts... Read More

Article published on Feb 3, 2004

Severe Constipation And Soiling Requires Long-Term Treatment

We are worried about our four-year-old son. He became constipated shortly after we started toilet-training him. He would hide behind the chair when he needs to have a bowel movement. Sometimes we see him dancing around or crossing his legs when he needs to go to the toilet. When he finally does, his stool is... Read More