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Article published on May 26, 2021

ADHD Medications Can Be Beneficial To Women During Pregnancy

I have two girls, nine and 13 years of age. After my oldest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, I recognized that I have it all my life. I got diagnosed two years ago, and have been taking medicine since. It has changed my life completely: I am doing well at work; home life is much... Read More

Article published on Sep 26, 2006

Human Parvovirus Infection Can Cause Miscarriage

Last year, I had a miscarriage that devastated me. I was about 7- to 8-weeks pregnant at the time. The pregnancy was going wonderfully until I started developing some achy pain in my hands. Around the same time, our three-year-old daughter developed a red rash on her face. We consulted our family doctor at the... Read More